hi my names chloe everett, i'm 16 and i have an unhealthy obsession for the killers and the arctic monkeys<3 i love josh i'm always up for checking out blogs so just ask!


hey, im chloe everett 15 from norfolk:) i am pretty fucking boring and spend 90% of my life on my laptop:’)

i love                                                                              summer. sun. skins. the inbetweeners. starbucks. the killers. mumford and sons. two door cinema club. the wombats. pegasus bridge. adele. ed sheeran. the libertines. jayz. nicki minaj. drake. amanda. jersey shore. geordie shore. dirty dancing. scream. summer dresses. knitted jumpers. playsuits. bandanas. sprite. haribos. chinese food. river island. primark. topshop. nike. matty. swimming. spain. vodka. cigarettes. smoking. pissups. music. singing. youtube. facebook. msn. long walks. the beach. my bed.

i hate                                                                       liars. cheaters. people who grass. druggies. tea. coffee. pure racism. chavs. emos. attention seekers. bullies. hannah ‘hamster’. spiders. heights. elevators. football. rude people. arrogance. people who have no shame. shepherds pie. cherries. the new doctor who. justin bieber. screamo music. people who are two faced. people who constantly moan how bad their life is. slags.

i have a phobia of..                                                       -elevators, spiders, heights, food touching on plates, greasy hair

i love to sing and that consumes the best part of my time, check my youtube in the ‘talk to me’ section!